Developing a data-driven strategy? Read this Experiential Exercises Case

Fitness experiences that offer more than just a workout have become a hot trend in Mexico during 2019. We analyzed people interested in and interacting with experiential exercise, from group workouts that include music to Zumba classes. 

Initial results show that the audience is split into men (52%) and women (48%) aged 18-24, commonly named Juan and Paola, single, in Mexico City and work in Sales, Management, and Marketing roles. They also like to travel more than average. They are interested mainly in music and sports, such as cycling and boxing. They enjoy shopping and are concerned about their health. 

Having identified our buyer persona, we analyzed their personality to understand if they would be interested in a group exercise studio with surround sound and activated lighting throughout the room, themed accessories, suspended track lighting and even a disco ball. 

● They are assertive, tend to speak up and take charge of situations, are comfortable leading groups, and are extremely motivated as they have high goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them. 

● Their choices are driven by a desire for efficiency. 

● They are extremely confident in themselves, they make friends easily. 

● They are impulsive and are often carried away by their emotions. 

We then developed a content strategy to reach this audience: 

  • Best times to post are Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. 
  • mages should include dark tones, mostly black. Images should also include a person doing sports near nature but indoors.
  • Why do they play sports? 44.1% of conversations are based on making sport a fun hobby.
  • Conversations around cycling are related to nature, with common hashtags including #Happiness, #Gym, #Cycling, #Workout, #Spinning, among others.
  • Photos make up 90% of the most engaging content.

With this analysis, one of our clients was able to show investors the potential of their business idea and validate experiential exercises as a global trend that would take off in Mexico.