How we helped a large international Bank with Social Listening to improve their reputational damage

Monitoring sentiment for the banking industry is of utmost importance, but due to the sheer volume of social messages they received on a daily basis, the bank knew that manual analysis would be too inefficient. 

One of the largest banks in Mexico uses Brandwatch to streamline this process. How? Thanks to an automatic tagging process, the client was able to create a custom dictionary to make sure he was covering all the necessary words and slang terms. With this, they were able to streamline their reporting process and automate at least 4 man-hours per day.

After measuring sentiment, the bank set itself a goal: to reduce negative sentiment by at least 10%. In order to do that, they first analyzed the primary conversation topics around the bank. We created categories and dashboards in Brandwatch that allowed the team to monitor conversations around all the services, products, agencies, suppliers and processes related to the bank, so that they could then benchmark the public perception of contact points within the industry. 

The findings: their audience didn't like to fill out so many forms to make a withdrawal. This information was transferred to the corresponding area to implement a change in the process. By the time this change was implemented, sentiment dropped considerably; The goal was achieved and now all relevant issues are being monitored to find areas for improvement.