We’re known for making things easy for our Partners. Find the best way to get the most out of Tecmart.

Software bundles

Leverage the full capabilities of the most advanced marketing analytics platforms. Tecmart provides cross-platform support to accomplish advanced use-cases in record time.

  • No onboarding fees
  • Training and certification included
  • Flexible plans available

Comprehensive reports and insights

Have our analysts develop complete multi-platform reports on your behalf in editable formats. Reports are the perfect way to get full value from our analytics platforms if your resources are tied up. Choose from a menu of reports or customize your own with the help of our team.

Goo, a data integration and report automation service

You can also integrate all marketing sources and data in one place with Goo. Bring your marketing data in one place and completely automate your reporting efforts. Goo requires no configuration or training so you can save hundreds of hours and take all the praise with beautiful reports available on any device.

Sociuu, plataforma de employee advocacy

La forma más eficiente de convertir a empleados en embajadores de marca (employee advocacy).

  1. Conecta a empleados con la marca
  2. Incrementa el brand awareness orgánicamente
  3. Apoya a resolver crisis reputacionales
  4. Más de 10x de alcance en redes
  5. Promueve contenidos corporativos a través de sus colaboradores
  6. Del 300 al 1000% de ROI